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Past, present and future.

Inspired by a fewfriends doing a roundup of the year and plans for the future, here is mine. Past Got made redundant from an IT company Got a new job at a spangly design agency Came out of a long term relationship Saw a life coach Went in search of my biological father in Belfast […]


When I moved back to Nottingham after doing my degree in Lincoln, I obviously needed somewhere to live. Not being able to afford to buy, or rent a house to myself I started looking at rooms to rent.  I have a major dislike of Property Agents and professional landlords due to the fact they don’t […]

Capsule reviews: December 2008

Because I am too busy playing and watching the following, this will be quite short. Fate: Mac RPG. Cute, addictive, easy to pick up for half an hour and you get to have a pet who you can load down with loot then send off to sell it for you.  My pet is currently permanently […]

Review: db Audio T-Rex 6.2c speakers

I have recently installed a set of db Audio 6.2c speakers into my Calibra front doors. The install process itself was a Herculean task, but that’s another story… Not wanting to randomly buy some speakers online, I visited the Car Audio Centre in Hyson Green, Nottingham. As I have found with this shop before, most […]

New toys: Macbook Pro & Wacom tablet

Work have kindly provided me with a 15″ Macbook Pro. I love it. It has Bootcamp & Parallels with XP Pro just in case I need that (which I haven’t yet… ). The screen quality is fantastic. Leopard kicks ass. I don’t know what else to say. I am hooked 😀 I also have a […]

Prince2 qualification

Work put me through a Prince2 Foundation training course during December, booked through Focus Training and delivered by Datrix Training. Prince2 is pretty much the standard for Project Management in the UK, coming from the government’s experiences in areas such as the NHS. Having done the course, it all seems like blatant common sense, but […]