Opel Ascona B Project

I restored and drove this fine vehicle for a couple of years, but decided to sell it when I started uni as I was going to be skint for three years and I didn’t want to neglect it. It went to another retro nut, who has taken it even further with vinyl graphics and more mods 🙂

I miss this car dearly, even when it always had a flat battery because it didn’t have a “lights on” warning buzzer. And I miss scraping the front arches every time I went round a corner, and the noise, and the stress of finding LRP. And the rust.

1978 opel ascona b 059

1978 opel ascona b 060

1978 opel ascona b 064

Engine & drivetrain

120bhp rebuilt 2.0S engine
Twin choke Weber
Proper Braided hoses
5 speed box
Back axle off a 1.8 Manta
Viscous coupled fan


70mm drop Jamex springs -AKA  too low to get a jack under
Gabriel shocks


Grooved disks
Reconned twinpot calipers
Mintex road pads (Tried 1144 compound but they squealed)
Goodridge braided hoses
Rear drum brakes all replaced


Standard retro seats and dash
Custom Solutions ally window winders
Momo Ally and leather gearnob


Bumpers removed
Side mouldings, pins, badges etc removed
Rear door handles smoothed
Passenger side delocked
Chrome trims removed from gutters
Windscreen dechromed
Ariel hole smoothed
Headlight washer and spotlight wiring removed
Trick transponder Immobiliser
Clear front indicators
Front grille dechromed

Future Plans

None, as the Opel has now gone to a new home *sob*

Most of the work on the car was done by Clive from Custom Solutions and Edley from Fast and Funky motors. This car cost me a lot of money as I replaced nearly everything on it – the original stuff was;

(a) 25 years old
(b) crap anyway.