Category: Narrowboat

Narrowboat log: May 24

Lots to report since the last narrowboat log, with engine servicing and a narrowboat friendly sofa

Narrowboat log: December 2023

December has flown by with paint experiments, knocking the kitchen about, having fibre internet installed and surviving temperatures of -5!

Narrowboat log: October 2023

It’s been an eventful month in my new narrowboat home with pretty serious flooding in the local area, and work progressing to turn Lizzy from a leisure boat to a cosy liveaboard with winter on its way. I’m also getting a routine in place with boat checks, chopping wood and carrying water.

Narrowboat log: September 2023

So I’ve moved Thin Lizzy to Sawley Marina now with the help of a retired, experienced boating couple. There was a weir to pass on the way over plus some parking required, and having their help was amazing. There’s been so much to learn in a short time and my head is spinning.

Buying my new narrowboat home, Thin Lizzy

Buying my narrowboat wasn’t straightforward – read on to find out the process I went through to make Thin Lizzy mine.