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Phone spam from PC support company “PCEFIX”

I keep getting calls about my “Windows computer” from some idiots who say they are from the “Service centre for windows operating system”. This looks to me like an attempt to sound like they are calling from Microsoft. I get other phone spammers trying to make out they are calling from Orange when they are […]

Sennheiser eco-friendly packaging

I was quite surprised to see the packaging on my new CD300-IIs that arrived today – the box is completely made of corrugated card! Nice box – let’s just hope this pair last longer than the previous ones.

Don’tDumpThat forum relaunched

If you have stuff to get rid of that is too good for the bin but you can’t be arsed selling it on eBay or whatever, why not give it away? DontDumpThat is a Freecycle type website that is broken down into regional areas so you can view local stuff easily. DontDumpThat is also good […]

Why the term “green” is nonsense.

I’m going to get straight to the point with this one.  Things can not be described as “green” or “not green”. Everything has an impact, no matter how eco-friendly it is trying to be.  The alternative phrase might be “greener”, but then this falls foul of nothing to compare it to.  There has to be […]

Climate change: Requirements for a well founded argument

Ok, enough people waffling on about “global warming”, “climate change”, “cO2” offsets etc etc. Back to basics for me. I dont know what is happening with the climate. This is fine, I am not jumping to premature conclusions based on weak media articles. An argument requires premises and supporting evidence to reach a firm conclusion. […]

“He said, she said” drama VS getting things done

People often cause themselves untold amount of trouble, and then spend half their lives telling other people about said trouble. I want to get things done in my life, so I haven’t got time or energy to listen to their self inflicted woes. If people make bad choices and refuse to change things, then I […]