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Confidence, rates and process as a freelancer or small business

It’s a big shift from working in a company to working for yourself. Some of the things that hold us back are confidence related. This affects how we deal with potential clients, what we charge and the processes we use before, during and after working with clients. How you approach this can mean the difference between […]

Give website users what they want

I’ve lost track of the number of websites I’ve been on that won’t give me the information I am looking for. I see this as being one of two reasons – either lack of user centric design (don’t know what people want), or trying to hide the info on purpose (hidden agenda). Lack of user […]

Remote working tech security tips for digital nomads

I’ve been working remotely recently from Thailand and Bali and have  seen a worrying lack of security awareness in fellow nomads.  We’re responsible for not only our own data and passwords but also client related files and passwords so a security breach would be more significant than a tourist losing their phone. Here are a […]

PHP development – Systems vs custom made

We’ve used a variety of PHP content management and ecommerce systems over the years and have gone in the direction of using existing systems rather than creating custom made systems for clients. We chose this route as using a ready made starting point reduces development costs and theoretically makes life easier when it comes to […]

‘Accountability buddy’ trial for productivity

My brother and I have recently tried an ‘accountability buddy’ system to help us both be more productive. We have been having a weekly 30 minute call to see how we are progressing with tasks that we set ourselves for the following week and also self care like getting enough sleep, eating and exercising. Results […]

Google Pagespeed tweaks for WordPress

Site speed is now an important signal of site quality to Google and our SEO guy has started running sites through the Google Pagespeed tool when assessing sites for clients. This usually throws up the same issues with WordPress sites and I’ve made some notes on how to fix these. With our own server we […]