BMW e28 Project

Got myself a big ol lazy BMW e28 525e Lux in late 2014. It’s a 2.7 auto and tuned for economy. It’s pretty slow but very smooth and comfortable.  I’ve wanted a sharknose BMW for ages and this one has been mostly sorted out already so I can drive it daily. A damp issue and electrical gremlin to sort out first (that was the glovebox light shorting…), then I’m going to drive it around for a bit.

Long restoration and build thread from a previous owner here:

2016 update

Lows and obligatory BBS are on the cards, but various things needed fixing and it was off the road for a bit while I found a radiator that wasn’t £500 from BMW and then again while I was away travelling. Coilovers are big bucks for these and air costs thousands. Looking at some Azev A or M-parallels on the wheel front. MOT went better this year with only tyres needed, but the steering chain all needed replacing as the tracking was way out and everything sloppy and/or rusted solid.