Privacy Focused Apps

Here are some alternatives to common privacy invading apps and services, and references as to why switching is a good idea.

FCS Websites is now Intention: Web design for people doing positive things

I’ve taken the plunge and rebranded my web design business. FCS Websites is now called Intention and focusing on clients doing positive things. If you’re a person, company or charity doing positive things I’d love to help you achieve your online goals.

Country Cohousing Opportunity

Cohousing can take many forms, from sharing an existing house to an off grid eco build and everything inbetween. Some members of Nottingham Cohousing have been working through an online course by Jackie Carpenter from Friendship Cohousing (PDF with more info). The course describes creating a countryside cohousing community by using an existing farmhouse as […]

Weekly/monthly review for freelancers

Life can be chaotic as a freelancer with production work, finances, marketing and customer service all competing for our time. A weekly or monthly review can help us stay on track. Full article and PDF download at Freelance Freedom

The Friday Habit: Setting aside time to work ‘on’ your freelance business

If you set aside Fridays to work on developing your freelance business, what would you spend the time doing?

Plausible: Privacy focused, ethical alternative to Google Analytics

I’ve recently switched all my sites away from Google Analytics to Plausible – a privacy focused, ethical alternative.

Freelance roundup – Jan 2021

This month included claiming the SEISS grant for self employment support, deciding to rebrand the web design business and looking after my mental health. Click to read more.