Privacy Focused Apps

Here are some alternatives to common privacy invading apps and services, and references as to why switching is a good idea.

Reasons to boycott Amazon

It’s Amazon Prime again this week and it’s reminded me to write about why I don’t support Amazon despite their keen prices and quick delivery.

Heatherwick Studio’s stunning vision for Nottingham Broadmarsh area

There was a talk at Nottingham University recently with Heatherwick Studio presenting their vision for the redevelopment of the Broadmarsh area of Nottingham. The old shopping centre was mostly demolished and there was to be a new Intu shopping centre built along with the new car park and bus station. Gladly this didn’t happen as […]

Why I’d love to see a developer version of WordPress

I design and build completely custom WordPress websites for small businesses. The standard WordPress install package comes with loads of stuff I don’t want, so I’d like to see a stripped back version of WordPress with no full site editing and no Gutenberg included for developer use. UPDATE: I’m clearly not alone and ClassicPress is […]

The Green Claims Code and ‘greenwashing’

With more and more people wanting to spend their money with environmentally friendly suppliers, some unscrupulous companies have been trying to mislead us. The Green Claims Code from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is a way of combatting this. This works two ways for us small business owners – trying to be more eco […]

Green hosting: Making a gym website 10x faster

A gym owner recently asked me to look at why his site was loading slow – our tests showed an average of around 20s. This is way too long and would be putting off potential clients as many would leave before the site even loaded. A combination of better specified hosting, caching and some tweaks […]

Easy ethical switches for your business

Here are some easy switches I’ve made to help Intention be more ethical when choosing banking, broadband and mobile phones. More detail at