The Ability Model of Emotional Intelligence: Principles and Updates (2016)

I did my Psychology degree dissertation on the perception of emotions in music back in 2007. As part of this I researched Emotional Intelligence and the work of Salovey and Mayer – the more academic and better researched ideas around emotional intelligence than pop-psych book by Goleman. Having rekindled my interest in Emotional Intelligence as […]

A lockdown tale of two ecommerce orders

Since lockdown began, ecommerce activity is through the roof, many people are working from home and the postal service and couriers are slammed. Here are two drastically different ecommerce experiences – the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and stop me getting sued). Read the full article on FCS Websites

Setting and maintaining boundaries as a freelancer

If we’re full time freelance and work from home, it can easily take over our lives if we’re not careful. This can eat into our free time and headspace, damage relationships and eventually lead to burnout. Read on for some tips on how to set and maintain healthy boundaries as a freelancer. Full article on […]

Use ‘Google Site Kit’ to easily setup Analytics, Search Console & Pagespeed Insights

Seeing how people find and use our sites is essential to improve our traffic and conversion rates. Google offer a range of free services to help with this including Google Analytics, Search Console and Pagespeed Insights. There are various WordPress plugins that help install your Google Analytics tracking code and also provide a handy summary […]

Leapers: Supporting the mental health of the self-employed

With over 2m people freelancing in the UK, more people are turning to working for themselves, but what impact might that have on your mental health, and what things do you need to consider when you’re freelancing to make sure you can work well? We asked Matthew Knight from community support group Leapers – to share his […]

WordPress as Digital Signage

We’ve recently done a project for a solicitor’s office where they used tiny Raspberry Pi computers attached to monitors in their office, displaying various stats and info for their staff so they can see how each department is doing and also the results of their marketing efforts. We can’t show actual images for privacy reasons, so have […]