Privacy Focused Apps

Here are some alternatives to common privacy invading apps and services, and references as to why switching is a good idea.

MeWe – social networking without surveillance capitalism

I deleted my personal Facebook a few years back and stopped using Instagram, because those products exist to mine our personal information and sell it to their advertisers.  It was also wasting too much of my time and having a negative effect on my mental health constantly seeing peoples’ highlight reels and petty arguments. See […]

YearCompass – taking stock of 2020 and planning 2021

As 2020 drew to a close, I started thinking about what I’d achieved in what turned out to be a very strange year, and what I wanted to do in 2021. I used the free booklet last year and found it very useful in guiding my thoughts. My key takeaway last year was that […]

Recommended: The Mental Health First Aid course

I’d been saving up for the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course since finding out about it earlier this year. A friend who works for the local library service let me know that it was available online via for only £25, so I jumped at the chance! More info at

The Men’s Sheds movement

Another great project to help men’s mental health is the Men’s Sheds movement.

Ecommerce Enlightenment ebook – now on Amazon

Ecommerce Enligtenment is now on Amazon With lockdown encouraging more and more businesses online, get the knowledge you need to succeed in our guide to selling online. Save £1000s and reduce stress by tackling your ecommerce project in the right way. Business to consumer ecommerce was worth £137bn in the UK in 2017, up 16% […]