Use ‘Google Site Kit’ to easily setup Analytics, Search Console & Pagespeed Insights

Seeing how people find and use our sites is essential to improve our traffic and conversion rates. Google offer a range of free services to help with this including Google Analytics, Search Console and Pagespeed Insights. There are various WordPress plugins that help install your Google Analytics tracking code and also provide a handy summary […]

Leapers: Supporting the mental health of the self-employed

With over 2m people freelancing in the UK, more people are turning to working for themselves, but what impact might that have on your mental health, and what things do you need to consider when you’re freelancing to make sure you can work well? We asked Matthew Knight from community support group Leapers – to share his […]

WordPress as Digital Signage

We’ve recently done a project for a solicitor’s office where they used tiny Raspberry Pi computers attached to monitors in their office, displaying various stats and info for their staff so they can see how each department is doing and also the results of their marketing efforts. We can’t show actual images for privacy reasons, so have […]

The ethics of ‘faking it until you make it’

I’ve seen many sources encourage us to ‘fake it until we make it’ in a new career path or when starting a business. If they’re selling coaching/ebooks or ‘growth hacking’ their startup or social media account this kind of advice is especially common. There are some ethical issues around this attitude though – both for […]

Ecommerce Enlightenment ebook now available

I’ve recently published my first ebook called Ecommerce Enlightenment. It covers how to plan, develop and market ecommerce websites and is based on ten years of experience building these websites for clients. Who Is This Book For? If you’re thinking of setting up an ecommerce website, this book is for you. It takes you through […]

Birthday floatation session at Calm Water, Nottingham

I had a floatation tank experience at Calm Water Floatation today as a birthday present. My housemate and I had no idea what to expect and we’re excited to try it out. We’re both pretty hectic people so the idea of doing nothing in the dark for an hour is a bit of a change […]