Andy’s Man Club – It’s OK To Talk

Andy’s Man Club started off as a small group of men meeting to talk in Halifax, in the North of the UK. It’s since grown to be a countrywide network of 28 men’s groups. Andy Roberts was loving and doting father, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. He was an all round top guy, […]

“BeMoreUs” from the Campaign To End Loneliness

I spotted a billboard for somethin called “Be More Us” over the weekend which looked interesting. It mentioned spending less time staring at our phones and more time talking to each other. Be More Us was launched in 2018 by the charity Campaign to End Loneliness. The Campaign to End Loneliness was founded in 2011, […]

Livingworks ASIST – Suicide Prevention Training

Every week 125 people in the UK take their own lives. And 75% of all UK suicides are male.* One of the main aims of Feelschool is to reduce male suicide through development of emotional intelligence skills. I was lucky enough to get a funded place on a suicide prevention course in Lincoln, UK a […]

Interview with Psychologist Dr Tracey Swaffer

We recently built a new website for Newark based Psychologist Dr Tracey Swaffer, and after some interesting chats asked her if she’d like to do an interview. Find out more about Dr Swaffer’s training, work and how it’s changed in the lockdown at Counsellor Web Design.

The Ability Model of Emotional Intelligence: Principles and Updates (2016)

I did my Psychology degree dissertation on the perception of emotions in music back in 2007. As part of this I researched Emotional Intelligence and the work of Salovey and Mayer – the more academic and better researched ideas around emotional intelligence than pop-psych book by Goleman. Having rekindled my interest in Emotional Intelligence as […]

A lockdown tale of two ecommerce orders

Since lockdown began, ecommerce activity is through the roof, many people are working from home and the postal service and couriers are slammed. Here are two drastically different ecommerce experiences – the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and stop me getting sued). Read the full article on FCS Websites