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Lazy loading sliders and Google PageSpeed render blocking issue

Love them or hate them, sliders appear on many websites. Many clients ask for them so we use them a lot on the WordPress sites we build. Using the Advanced Custom Fields Repeater field, we can make the banners editable for clients too. All good, aside from the file size of using multiple large images. […]

Give website users what they want

I’ve lost track of the number of websites I’ve been on that won’t give me the information I am looking for. I see this as being one of two reasons – either lack of user centric design (don’t know what people want), or trying to hide the info on purpose (hidden agenda). Lack of user […]

Google Pagespeed tweaks for WordPress

Site speed is now an important signal of site quality to Google and our SEO guy has started running sites through the Google Pagespeed tool when assessing sites for clients. This usually throws up the same issues with WordPress sites and I’ve made some notes on how to fix these. With our own server we […]

WooCommerce problems saving products with lots of variations

A client recently added a product with over 100 variations to their WordPress/WooCommerce site. The product seemed to save OK with no errors, but seemed to be missing some of the variations when viewed on the front end of the site. Long story short, it was down to a PHP variable in PHP 5.4 that […]

Watch out for caching on servers

I’ve been working on some client sites hosted on recently and hit a frustrating issue. Whatever changes I made to the CSS or PHP files, nothing changed on the live site. After much checking of account details, FTP logins and that I was actually working on the right site (yes that has happened before!) […]

The Curse of User Generated Content

‘User Generated Content’. A lovely phrase dreamed up by marketing people getting all excited about their website visitors creating fresh new content. This golden content would then propel them to the heights of Google with almost no effort required by them. ‘Building a community’. The Holy Grail of internet marketing. Not so fast. While this […]