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Learning Javascript at freeCodeCamp Nottingham

I’ve been going to freeCodeCamp in Nottingham for the last few months, with the local meets kindly organised by Will White. While I’ve got HTML/CSS and jQuery covered from the day job, I want to learn vanilla Javascript and then React Native so I can make an app I’ve got an idea for. freeCodeCamp Nottingham […]

WP Super Cache on Heart Internet

We’ve recently started getting WordPress sites to pass the Google Pagespeed Insights test to help with SEO. As part of this they are looking for the server response time to be as low as possible. One way to get this down is to serve HTML cached versions of the WordPress pages rather than doing a […]

Google Pagespeed tweaks for WordPress

Site speed is now an important signal of site quality to Google and our SEO guy has started running sites through the Google Pagespeed tool when assessing sites for clients. This usually throws up the same issues with WordPress sites and I’ve made some notes on how to fix these. With our own server we […]

WooCommerce problems saving products with lots of variations

A client recently added a product with over 100 variations to their WordPress/WooCommerce site. The product seemed to save OK with no errors, but seemed to be missing some of the variations when viewed on the front end of the site. Long story short, it was down to a PHP variable in PHP 5.4 that […]

Phone spam from PC support company “PCEFIX”

I keep getting calls about my “Windows computer” from some idiots who say they are from the “Service centre for windows operating system”. This looks to me like an attempt to sound like they are calling from Microsoft. I get other phone spammers trying to make out they are calling from Orange when they are […]

Delete of steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 Access is denied

After a fresh install of Steam on Windows 7 64bit, I got the following error message when it launched and tried to update itself: “Delete of steam.exe failed, Win32 Error 5 Access is denied” After much swearing and Googling, the answer was to turn off AVG completely during installation and update of Steam. FFS. This […]