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Confidence, rates and process as a freelancer or small business

It’s a big shift from working in a company to working for yourself. Some of the things that hold us back are confidence related. This affects how we deal with potential clients, what we charge and the processes we use before, during and after working with clients. How you approach this can mean the difference between […]

New job!

I recently took redundancy from the IT company and have started working at an integrated marketing agency in Nottingham. We do web and print design, SEO/PPC, video production, Flash and 3D design – the whole bundle. The company has a “Fun Squad” who arrange things for us to do such as monthly socials, yearly trips […] – good or bad for business?

I have recently signed up for after a colleague recommended those kind of sites to me. Having had a look around, I am not sure this kind of site is good for the client or the freelancers on there. Most of the web projects have almost no definite scope to them – for example […]

Some clients are impossible

When doing technical projects that involve lots of critical decision and prerequisites, I send out detailed Project Briefs to clients.  They often send them back, merrily signing them and saying that everything is fine.  However, I have started to realise that one of two things is happening. 1. They don’t understand the brief, but sign […]

Corporate speak: “Punching above your weight”

The idea is that you make the company look bigger than it actually is, and go after projects that are at the upper reaches of your capabilities or beyond. This is a good idea when you want to grow your company, as it can allow you access to larger projects and more profitable markets. Unfortunately, […]

Project Management – Six months in…

I have been managing projects full time for six months now, and it’s time to reflect on what I have learned. I got the official books, but reading them did not help much. The method is complex, and over the top for smaller projects. I did the Prince2 Foundation course, which helped immensely as I […]