Category: Life Hacks

‘Accountability buddy’ trial for productivity

My brother and I have recently tried an ‘accountability buddy’ system to help us both be more productive. We have been having a weekly 30 minute call to see how we are progressing with tasks that we set ourselves for the following week and also self care like getting enough sleep, eating and exercising. Results […]

Why I Am Deleting My Social Network Profiles

I am gradually closing down my social network profiles. There are many reasons why I have decided to do so: I get way too much email and it’s got to become more manageable. I want considered, meaningful communication with people in my life rather than rushed, ill considered mass broadcasts in each direction. I waste […]

The “Four Hour Work Week” and the Service Industry

What Is the Four Hour Work Week? I recently read Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week, and got rather excited afterwards. He talks about outsourcing, creating better processes and removing yourself from your business so you can do the things you actually want to do with your life instead of working. Great ideas. I have […]

Nokia 5800 as a Skype wireless handset

I have just got into Skype for free calls with freelancers and clients, but shouting at my iMac didn’t seem that intuitive. I was looking at portable handsets for Skype, but that would mean having three phones – landline, Skype phone and mobile. Too many phones. So after a bit of rummaging, I discovered that […]

View info for multiple files in single pane on Mac OSX

Just a quick one – instead of “get info” for individual files, use alt+cmd+I to open info for multiple files in one info pane. Hard to explain, really easy to do and very useful for unlocking a whole folder of locked files all at once 🙂

Litmus – Web and email testing application

Litmus allows you to test your websites and emails across a large number of browsers and email clients. If you have ever had to program a HTML email, you will understand the horror and pain involved in making it work across all email clients. For an entirely reasonable fee, Litmus gives you fast, pretty testing […]