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Coffee. Love/Hate.

I love coffee. I love the taste, I love coffee shops and the ritual of making it and I love the high that makes me feel like I am achieving more than I have ever achieved. And then I Crash And Burn. Damn you coffee.

Engaged, contemporary Buddhism

A lot of traditional Buddhism is no use to me because it is laden with Indian tradition, religious concepts and suggests withdrawing from the world to best practice Buddhism. None of these things are practical here and now for me. It also seems a bit pointless withdrawing into a monastery. Day to day life is […]

How to be… a fake.

There are lots of people around, whether it be print, TV or internet that will tell you “how to be…” something or other. Whether it is “How to be romantic” or “how to look like some idiot celebrity”, it’s everywhere. This is messed up. Nobody needs any advice on how to be anything. We would […]

Caffeine detox

We have a bean to cup Gaggia machine in the office, and it makes delicious coffee. I am really sensitive to things. Not a good combination, and resulted in a rollercoaster of manic depression during the day, followed by crashing and burning in the evening. After deciding to give caffeine up as an experiment, I […]

Possibly the most important book I have read…

The book is “Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics” by Alfred Korzybski. Now I am free of the clutches of endless essays, I can go back and read the things I have got wind of while studying. I have been tempted to get this book for a few years now, […]

The stress response

I am uber stressed with uni/job/kid/everything at the moment, and my preferred response to all this appears to be “lose the ability to have a conversation”.  I can’t think of a word to say to people, i’m that busy thinking about my assessments.  Oh well, it will all be over in three weeks :wassat: