FCS Websites is now Intention: Web design for people doing positive things

eco web design from intention

I’ve taken the plunge and rebranded my web design business. FCS Websites is now called Intention and focusing on clients doing positive things. If you’re a person, company or charity doing positive things I’d love to help you achieve your online goals.

Branding Process

The new brand was created by the talented Chris Bailey who I know from web design meetups around Nottingham. He took me through a fantastic process – having me write down all my thoughts and ideas and provide examples of logos and sites I like. Choosing a new name was hard as all the most obvious names were taken when we checked – Thrive, Prosper etc. Another suggestion was “Hay” and I loved that as it’s part of my surname and brings to mind growth, but was way too close to my ethical web designer friends Make Hay!

Once we’d arrived on Intention, Chris came up with some font choices and started work on the logo aspect. Regular check-ins during the branding process meant there were no big surprises and I saw things early on. It was all very exciting, a new experience for me being the client, and I am delighted with the end result.

Brand guidelines for the new Intention brand

Part of the brand guidelines for Intention, showing logo usage

Branding is more than just a quick logo and choosing some colours – a strong brand draws on our core values and what we’re trying to achieve. Getting the tone of voice right with Intention has been (and always will be) tricky as I want to be clear about doing calm, considered work with clear strategy for positive people, without sounding condescending or self righteous. There’s a list of sectors or types of client I absolutely won’t work for, but I want to appeal to the positive aspects rather than sounding negative.

New Website

I’ve started a new website for Intention as the FCS site has grown over the years and needs pruning down to focus on my core services. I specialise in WordPress development so it’s running the latest version of WordPress with my fast, lightweight theme. I’ve taken this opportunity to move away from Yoast SEO to SEOPress, and away from Google Analytics to Plausible – a cookie free, privacy focused analytics service.

Name Changes

All my social media is now Intention branded and I need to start all the back office admin now – invoicing system, business accounts, directories and countless other places FCS exists on the internet!