A bit about little ol’ me

I was born in Belfast and have lived in Nottingham since I was 6 months old.  I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness (thanks mum…) but binned that at 14 as religion makes no sense to me. I completed my Psychology degree at the University of Lincoln UK in 2007, and got a first after busting my ass in the library every day.


I have a background in IT and music technology and worked for a company making computers for recording studios before I went to uni.

I used to work for an IT supplier as a project manager, planning and looking after Apple Mac and AV installs for companies and educational establishments. I then worked for a web design company as a project manager, dealing with large corporate web and print jobs. I really got to use my project management training and Psychology knowledge. Realising I had no interest in corporate work, I then quit that job to start my own web design company and while it can be stressful it’s the best move I ever made.

Meditation and Buddhism

I have been meditating for around ten years and have a primarily Buddhist view of things, without the Indian cultural trappings – secular Buddhism if you like. I don’t see the point of reciting Sanskrit phrases and surrounding myself with Indian clutter but the principles of what the Buddha was talking about resonate with me. The writings on impermanence, craving, responsibility and increasing awareness are all good stuff in my eyes. Stephen Batchelor’s book ‘Buddhism Without Beliefs” sums up what I find useful.


The philosophy of Korzybski has really affected me, as has Post-Modernism in general. I encountered Post-Modern thought at uni, and realised that I have been thinking like that for a long time but didn’t know what it was called. While it has been a relief to discover others are thinking along similar lines, it is also frustrating that most of the world is stuck in modernism, including educational and work institutions. I’m not sure if that will ever change and it seems to lead to a split in society.

Stuff I Like

I love 70s/80s cars, loud basslines and tinkering with things. I consistently score as an INTJ personality type, which means quietness, systemic thinking and perfectionism. I’d like to live alone, which is great as I need peace and my own space.  Constant TV is my idea of hell. I went through a period of not drinking and socialise in short bursts – I need downtime and enjoy reading, learning and working on my business.

I write, design stuff and read everything I can get my hands on. I’m a vegetarian, I’m pretty intolerant to dairy and have a long running feud with onions. I used to have a hairy wart on the roof of my mouth. I have a younger brother (here) who is writing a book on emotion, works for himself running events for the video gaming industry and makes a really convincing pirate.


I have a daughter who’s studying Criminology. No more kids for me thanks.