Reasons to avoid ‘nulled’ or unlicensed WordPress plugins

WordPress is an amazing system with thousands of hours of development behind it, backed up with hundreds of free and commercial plugins to add features, make it easier to use and even turn it into a forum or online shop. A common model is ‘freemium’ where you get a cut down version for free and can then upgrade to a paid version with extra features. There are also countless ‘themes’ that change the visual appearance of your site.

These paid plugins and themes are usually available from or the developers’ own websites. Due to a quirk in the GPL license that all WordPress code must use, it’s actually not illegal to use the premium plugins/themes if you can get hold of a copy.

Some enterprising individuals have set up whole websites full of these premium WordPress themes and plugins, either for free, or a lower cost than direct from the developers. Other sites remove the copy protection from the code – often called ‘nulled’ software. So either by license quirk our dodgy coding, you can get software for free.

Here are three reasons to NOT do that.

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