Category: WTF?

Phone spam from PC support company “PCEFIX”

I keep getting calls about my “Windows computer” from some idiots who say they are from the “Service centre for windows operating system”. This looks to me like an attempt to sound like they are calling from Microsoft. I get other phone spammers trying to make out they are calling from Orange when they are […]

eBay – A massive waste of time?

I used to love eBaying and getting bargains. However, lately it seems like it just isn’t working for me any more. I don’t know if it’s because there are more people using it now or what, but things just aren’t good value. The prices are no longer worth paying, and the amount of time it […]

Please stop using tech support models.

Come on, you’re not fooling anyone. Using stock photos of gorgeous models wearing telephone headsets to decorate your technical support pages is just lazy and stupid. Who started this trend? Here’s your P45. Why not show the actual tech support people (Like Rackspace do) and build some humanity into your business? People will respond better […]

Princess4u1: She floats.

I’m really good at cookeries, I adore to prepare for Russian kitchen. I not badly play tennis and I float…

Is Lady Gaga a man? Is Jade Goody dead yet?

Dyslexic homophobe of the month…

I was stuck behind this battered scrap truck the other day and laughed out loud when I saw what was written on the back. If you are going to cuss someone, at least spell it right.