Country Cohousing Opportunity

Hemington cohousing example

Cohousing can take many forms, from sharing an existing house to an off grid eco build and everything inbetween. Some members of Nottingham Cohousing have been working through an online course by Jackie Carpenter from Friendship Cohousing (PDF with more info). The course describes creating a countryside cohousing community by using an existing farmhouse as a starting point. The property could be split into flat like ‘units’ to provide privacy, with communal spaces such as kitchen, lounge and coworking office.

Benefits of using an existing property are that it will probably be possible for at least some members to move into the property straight away. Development can then be carried out more easily and more members added as more units become ready. The initial members are also only paying one mortgage instead of paying twice while it’s developed.

One of the members is looking to form such a community near to Nottingham, and this article shows an example of a property that could work. We’re inspired by the Trelay community in Cornwall and the Hockerton Housing Project near Nottingham.

Full article and floorplans at Nottingham Cohousing