My old Opel Ascona lives!

The new owner of my old Opel Ascona got in touch recently to let me know the old girl is still alive and well – and will be back on the streets soon! It’s set me off looking at 70s BMWs again… E21s are crazy money now. Tempted to deck my current e46 on some […]

2002 e46 318ci N42 exhaust camshaft position sensor location

I’ve had problems with my 2002 e46 318ci with the 2.0 N42 engine idling badly and then cutting out. After some reading up on it sounded like the cam sensor was faulty. The car started smelling of oil around the same time so before taking it to get any fault codes read I had […]

Slammed 1990s Mercedes (Bugeye) E-Class

Spotted this locally a while back and had a quick chat with the owner – it’s on cut springs 😀

Watch out for caching on servers

I’ve been working on some client sites hosted on recently and hit a frustrating issue. Whatever changes I made to the CSS or PHP files, nothing changed on the live site. After much checking of account details, FTP logins and that I was actually working on the right site (yes that has happened before!) […]

BMW Paint Correction by Eden Detail

Paul from Eden Detail recently came over to give my BMW a good scrubbing and correct my paint. I’ll let the pics do the talking! I can’t believe how well the second hand MV1 alloys came up, and the paint is now swirl free. Products used were: Purple Rain 2.0 – Alloys Very Cherry Alloy […]

The Curse of User Generated Content

‘User Generated Content’. A lovely phrase dreamed up by marketing people getting all excited about their website visitors creating fresh new content. This golden content would then propel them to the heights of Google with almost no effort required by them. ‘Building a community’. The Holy Grail of internet marketing. Not so fast. While this […]