Lazy loading sliders and Google PageSpeed render blocking issue

Love them or hate them, sliders appear on many websites. Many clients ask for them so we use them a lot on the WordPress sites we build. Using the Advanced Custom Fields Repeater field, we can make the banners editable for clients too. All good, aside from the file size of using multiple large images. […]

Installing Facebook pixel to WHMCS 7

I’ve just been banging my head against the desk trying to install the Facebook Pixel code to WHMCS 7 manually. I want to track hosting order completion to see how well Facebook ads convert. The problem Adding the Facebook pixel code to header.tpl hosed the WHMCS front end template. The fix WHMCS templates need the […]

Digital Nomad tips: Las Palmas

I’m trying the Canaries for this Spring’s trip as SE Asia was too hot and humid for me and the Canaries are only a few hours flight from the UK. I heard great things about Las Palmas so this is the first stop. Here are some tips for digital nomads and remote workers. Flight & Transport […]

Confidence, rates and process as a freelancer or small business

It’s a big shift from working in a company to working for yourself. Some of the things that hold us back are confidence related. This affects how we deal with potential clients, what we charge and the processes we use before, during and after working with clients. How you approach this can mean the difference between […]

Give website users what they want

I’ve lost track of the number of websites I’ve been on that won’t give me the information I am looking for. I see this as being one of two reasons – either lack of user centric design (don’t know what people want), or trying to hide the info on purpose (hidden agenda). Lack of user […]

Remote working tech security tips for digital nomads

I’ve been working remotely recently from Thailand and Bali and have  seen a worrying lack of security awareness in fellow nomads.  We’re responsible for not only our own data and passwords but also client related files and passwords so a security breach would be more significant than a tourist losing their phone. Here are a […]