New ride: BMW e28 525e Lux

I’ve been after this car for a while as it’s had all the problem areas sorted already and recent paint. Went to fetch it from up North at the weekend and the top hose popped off after ten minutes on the a19, steam cleaning the engine bay. Luckily we limped to a petrol station and filled it up again and the drive home was fine after that. It cruises happily at 70 and seemed to return good fuel economy – there’s an electrical fault meaning the MPG meter, rev counter, interior light and hazards don’t work but that looks like an easy fix.

Proper photos to follow!

WooCommerce – autocomplete downloadable orders

When a downloadable order is made in WordPress/WooCommerce 2.1 the order is set to ‘processing’ the same as an order that is physically shipped. The order can then be marked as ‘complete’ by the shop admin, but it makes more sense for the order to be completed as soon as it’s paid for. Luckily, there is a plugin to take care of that:

The product needs to be marked as both ‘virtual’ and ‘download’ for the plugin to automatically mark orders as complete. The Paypal IPN settings mentioned in that article were not required in my case.

Bagged Audi estate on Bentley rims

bagged audi on bentley alloys

WooCommerce problems saving products with lots of variations

A client recently added a product with over 100 variations to their WordPress/WooCommerce site. The product seemed to sav OK with no errors, but seemed to bemissing some of the variations when viewed on the front end of the site.

Long story short, it was down to a PHP variable in PHP 5.4 that limits form submissions to 1000 fields. The WooCommerce product with 103 variations was trying to submit 2000+ fields. This is not a WooCommerce or WordPress issue but rather a hosting setup issue.

Using the PHP variable manager in cPanel and setting

max_input_vars = 2000

in all folders fixed it – adding that line to php.ini manually didn’t work however.


This plugin will tell you how many fields your hosting is set up for and how many WooCommerce is trying to be submit:

My old Opel Ascona lives!

The new owner of my old Opel Ascona got in touch recently to let me know the old girl is still alive and well – and will be back on the streets soon! It’s set me off looking at 70s BMWs again… E21s are crazy money now. Tempted to deck my current e46 on some BBS style rims, but with the sump gasket on its way out I may as well save it until I have a car that will last a bit longer :)